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Review: Monat Hair Products

Have you lost your shine? I hope not! But, if you’re like me – maybe your hair has.

For those of you who may have seen my Before & After pictures in my blog on thinning hair, you will probably agree with me that my hair is in desperate need of repair. Due to over-processing and prescription medications, let’s just say that my hair is not only thin, but damaged, and lackluster.

I haven’t tried many products to help thicken my hair because I did not like the harsh chemicals and even potential (health) side effects listed on many products. However, I was pleased to learn about Monat – an innovative company founded in 2014. Their products are nourishing for the hair and help promote hair growth.



Monat is a direct sales company offering naturally-based, high-quality, botanical hair products. The clinical study performed on Monat products showed that 100% of men and women who tried the products reported an increase in natural shine, along with numerous other benefits. The Monat treatment system claims to give you visibly longer, fuller, stronger, and younger-looking hair in 90 days.

Is this too good to be true? I wanted to try this for myself to see if it really did work and make a noticeable difference in my hair. So… I put it to the test.

I received samples of:

Monat Revive Shampoo

Monat Revitalize Conditioner

Monat Replenish Masque

Rejuveniqe by Monat (Oil Intensive)

Before trying Monat, it is important to do a cleansing treatment on the hair by adding a tablespoon of baking soda to your current shampoo. Rinse well. This will rid the hair of any buildup and leave a clean canvas for Monat to nourish.

Now… here’s the moment of truth!! BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS!

Hair BEFORE Monat... Wow, just wow (and not 'Wow' in a good way!)

Hair BEFORE Monat… Wow, just wow. Notice the breakage and lack of shine? (Click to enlarge)


Hair AFTER Monat

Hair AFTER Monat! Smoothed hair cuticle and added shine! (Click to enlarge)

Although my hair wasn’t blow-dryed straight in the “Before” picture – you can still tell the difference in the lack of shine as well as the visibility of breakage.

So, did Monat live up to its claims?

I would say so! I didn’t notice a huge difference in its detangling abilities; however, it did shorten my drying time, made a difference in the texture of my hair, and helped reduce hair loss. All of the products smelled nice when using. Check out my individual product reviews below…

prodSHAMPOO REVIEW: Of course, one of the first things we notice about shampoo is its scent – and I did like the clean scent of this shampoo. It left my hair smelling clean even after drying. I also noticed the shampoo is concentrated and creamy. It lathered very nicely. Personally, I didn’t notice a drastic difference after just using the shampoo one time; however, it is a nice product and is packed with natural ingredients that are great for the hair with prolonged use.

CONDITIONER REVIEW: The product that impressed me the most was this conditioner! Wow… I mean, this is a “WOW” product!! I was highly impressed. Even when my hair was still wet in the shower, I could tell that it instantly softened and smoothed the hair cuticle. I could tell it was an elite product and could literally feel the difference instantly! I am actually planning on ordering the conditioner since I loved it so much!!

REJUVENIQE OIL REVIEW: Again, I firstly noticed the nice, light, lemony scent this product had which smelled great when blow-drying. With my hair being so thin/fine, it seemed to be a bit heavy and sticky on my hair for use after washing; I would prefer it as a hot oil pre-treatment, then rinse. However, if your hair is thicker, it would be fine for use before OR after washing. It also has many other uses – 101 to be exact! I used it as a skin softener for my hands and it made my hands feel velvety soft. It would also be great to mix with your favorite lotion and apply to the soles of the feet. It is very nourishing.

MASQUE REVIEW: The Masque had the same great scent as the shampoo/conditioner. It was creamy and made the hair look shiny and soft. I also noticed my hair seemed to have more volume when adding the masque. The first time I tried Monat, I just used the shampoo/conditioner (which I loved). However, the second time, I shampooed, conditioned, and used the masque – I noticed my hair seemed to have a bit more bounce and fullness. Nonetheless, I am so captivated with the conditioner that I feel it could substitute for a masque if you could only afford to purchase one item. The entire system works together even better, though.

So… Do you want to try this for yourself?

Contact Shelley McClure with Monat. To shop her website, click HERE!

P.S. I would recommend purchasing the entire system; however, if you only wish to order one product from the bundles, you must first add the entire bundle to your cart. At checkout, you can specifically checkmark which item(s) you want to purchase. Orders are shipped right to your door! Oh, and a very special THANKS to Shelley McClure for the samples and assistance with my questions.





I received complimentary samples, but was not paid to do this review. It is my personal, honest opinion about Monat Products.